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The Home Construction Estimator TM is an Excel Spreadsheet Template that gives you a cost breakdown for your renovation or new house construction before you engage costly designers, architects, and contractors for the same information.

Get a detailed estimate in less than 30 minutes

      The software takes the choices you know, like the size of your new house, number of bathrooms, and hard wood floors throughout, and converts it into a close approximation of the labor and material needed to build it. It works for small renovations, like kitchen remodeling, to complete new house construction.

      Being excel based, it is familiar, and you can print your cost breakdown to make decisions, compare alternatives, and evaluate contractor quotes.

Approved by contractors

      “I recommend this software to all my potential clients because it gives them a real idea of the cost of the project they are considering.  Once they are comfortable with the costs, I am glad to spend time working through a detailed quote with them.”
                                                  - Justin Ribek, General Contractor, Vintage Homes

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Don’t blow your budget and save $2,000 to $100,000 in the process

      “After looking at the cost breakdown we changed our renovation and saved nearly $10,000 in architect fees by buying plans on-line, nearly $15,000 by choosing different materials, and nearly $80,000 by hiring the trades and purchasing materials ourselves. Seeing the cost breakdown gave us the confidence and incentive to do it.”
                                                                                 —C. Jones, San Francisco, CA


Cost report Sample—Printer-ready reports make comparing options a breeze

Input sheet Sample—Pictures, tips, and menus make it easy to use